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The goal of this element of the Omaha Stormwater Program is to reduce the frequency of intentional or accidental discharge of pollutants into the City’s storm drainage system and local waters. City staff enforces the City Ordinance to reduce inappropriate disposal of pollutants and respond to reports of non-stormwater discharges into the City’s drain system.

Use this form to report water pollution in Omaha and the Papillion Creek Watershed

If you are reporting an emergency situation that could result in imminent and substantial danger to the health and safety of persons, please disregard this form and call 911.

Exact information about the location of the offense is very important. If the street address is not known, describe the location as accurately as possible. Example: "Lot to the north of 5600 S. 10th Street" or "Vacant lot on the south east corner of 19th and Farnam Streets"
Was a vehicle observed during the incident?
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