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Permix is an online solution designed to facilitate Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plans, Grading Permits, Linear Underground Projects, and Public Improvements. In addition, it’s a useful tool for designers, developers, contractors, and city officials to:

  • Expedite Public Improvement Plan Reviews
  • Enhance the Grading Permitting and Inspection Process and Oversight Capabilities
  • Tie Permitting Processes to Each Other
  • Standardize and Centralize Application Information
  • Track the Decision Making Sequence
  • Retain Important Design Assumptions
  • Streamline Communication Between Parties
  • Enhance Accountability to Stakeholders
  • Control Circulation of Important News and Information.

To view tutorials on how to use PERMIX, click the links below:

1.  How to enter a project in the new Permix system – the first step in the permit application process

Apply For Permix Project

2.  How to submit an application for a permit – public improvements, grading permit, post construction

How To Submit An Application

3.  How to submit an application on a project started by another company

Assign My Company

4.  How to upload documents

How To Upload Documents

5.  How to respond to City comments

Respond To Comments

6.  How to use page filters

Using Filters

7.  How to manage company users

Manage Company Users

8.  Change Document Upload (permit modifications and SWPPP changes)

Change Document Uploading

9.  Conducting Site Inspections (managing the BMP list, documenting maintenance items, and identifying corrective actions)

Conducting Site Inspections

10.  Resolving Corrective Actions

Resolving Corrective Actions

Other Permix Resources

Summary of May 2017 updates

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