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The Saddlebrook Joint Use Facility is a collaborative effort between the Omaha Public Schools, Omaha Public Library, and City of Omaha Parks and Recreation. This unique facility houses an elementary school, a public library branch, and a community center.  The project utilized multiple green infrastructure practices and laid them out in such a way that would allow them to be monitored to see how well they performed in managing stormwater.  Green infrastructure practices on-site include a bioretention system, green roof, native prairie plantings across the property, and dry detention basins.


Green Infrastructure Assessment

The green roof on the building covers a portion of the roof with traditional roofing covering the rest. Flow and water sample monitoring equipment are used in the drains of both types of roofing to compare the two. Green roofs provide multiple benefits to the building and site above and beyond stormwater management. They include increased insulation, sound reduction, improved air quality, and reduced air temperatures above the building resulting in energy savings for when air conditioning units pull in that air during the warm months. The parking lot runoff is designed to run into both the bioretention system and the dry detention basin. Water flowing in and out of the systems are setup to compare the benefits associated with each.

Weather station data website

Access the weather station data for the Saddlebrook green roof.
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Project Fact Sheet

For more information check out the Saddlebrook Joint Use Facility Fact Sheet.
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