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Cole Creek is part of the city’s local floodplain system. The Cole Creek Project focused on the upper portion of the creek from its headwaters south of Sorensen Parkway to Hartman Avenue. Its goals were to stabilize the creek, improve its water quality and enhance the recreational use of Orchard Park

A new walking trail was also constructed along the length of Cole Creek. It is composed of four types of pervious pavements – asphalt, concrete, pavers and crushed brick. Pervious pavement allows water to move through it. Users can learn more about the project and its construction materials via interpretive exhibits at 12 locations. Benches made of recycled materials were placed at four locations, and trash/recycling stations are placed at key locations.


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The Cole Creek Project was carried out in three phases

The first involved the construction of a series of best management practices (BMP) on land surrounding the creek, the second involved the restoration of the stream itself, and the third involved the creation of a walking trail and interpretive signage.

Where are the gardens located?

Two bioretention gardens were constructed in Orchard Park. These bioretention gardens were constructed as shallow basins planted with native grasses and flowers that temporarily detains stormwater and cleanses pollutants from the runoff before it filters into the soil. Curbs were cut to allow water to drain to depression areas, where it can collect. Most of the collected water will drain into the soil, but some of it will drain to an outlet closer to the creek. This garden was planted with little bluestem, buffalo grass, switch grass, Indian grass and big bluestem. Prairie blazing star, black-eyed susans and other native flowers will add color and provide wildlife habitat.

The second garden is located in the north portion of the park along N. 66th Street. It is able to capture stormwater runoff from the street before it enters the storm sewer system. The garden was built between the sidewalk and the curb, and is connected to a larger cell east of the sidewalk. This larger cell allows excess water from the street to be treated while it infiltrates into the ground. Subsurface drains provide a slow discharge of some of the infiltrating water to Cole Creek. The two cells are connected by pipes below the sidewalk.

Project Fact Sheet

For more information check out the Orchard Park and Cole Creek Project Fact Sheet.
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