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Public Education and Outreach

Andy speaking to school groupThe Omaha MS4 Program requires that eight Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) be addressed in order to minimize the amount of pollutants discharged into streams and waterways. The Public Education and Outreach MCM focuses on the development of educational materials to inform employees, contractors and the public about the impacts of stormwater pollution on water bodies and what we can do to minimize it.

Common public education and outreach activities include:

  • Presentations to schools at all grade levels
  • Interactive displays at community events
  • Hosting workshops
  • Maintaining an updated website
  • Talking with and presenting to community organizations
  • Build demonstration projects throughout the community
  • Promote proper use of lawn fertilizers
  • Promote the reduction of household hazardous waste by using the UnderTheSink facility
  • Promote the proper disposal of pet waste
  • Storm drain marking throughout the watershed
  • Recycling and litter reduction
  • Provide numerous educational materials that are available through this website on the Resource Page

Click the button below if you would like to inquire more about us setting up an education and outreach event with you!

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The City of Omaha’s demonstration projects are throughout the watershed and were done collaboratively with various community schools and organizations.  The goal is to have the public see and experience different types of green infrastructure and how they reduce runoff and pollution. They are mostly located in public areas and have information on site that describes the BMP and how it works. You can visit the Green Infrastructure page to see more details, but some of the demonstration projects include:

  • Under The Sink rain gardens
  • Cole Creek Restoration Project at Orchard Park
  • Saddlebrook Joint Use Facility
  • The Pawnee Wetlands
  • 58th and Maple, Benson’s East Gateway
  • UNO Welcome Center
  • Creighton Prep
  • Florence Streetscape near 30th and Clay
  • Coming Spring 2018, Dundee Elementary
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